Welcome to Golden Joy Counselling based in East Surrey/Gatwick UK/ Online Service.


My name is Justine Harris- Samson, I own Golden Joy Counselling services in East Surrey, Horley.

I graduated  20 years ago and have been practicing  COUNSELLING AND COGNITIVE BEHAVIOURAL THERAPY.

I am a Counsellor, Mentor, Mediator, a Coach and an Author.

I mainly use gestalt/person centred and solution focused, cognitive behavioural approaches.

It gives me great pleasure and satisfaction to support both personal and business relationships that require extra therapeutic support, with compassion and attention.

I am a provider of integrated therapeutic emotional support.

I provide swift access to counselling


The Service

My clients are  embraced with empathy, humility and complete acceptance.

Golden Joy counselling offers both individual and group counselling to explore and address either internal or external issues that is presenting emotional pain.

The process brings about personal or identifying common goals or struggles, awareness and growth. It also works to resolve conflicts and improve relationships.

Both personal or business relationship could benefit from Golden Joy counselling services. I am able to provide the necessary/ required tools, attention, intervention, tasks, discussion needed to maintain a better communication to best manage negotiation of differences, explore healthier ways of solving problems. Bringing awareness, changes and healings.

The therapeutic relationship strengthens you as it enables one to feel free to explore and express oneself safely in a company of compassion and non-judgement.


The fact is life is full of struggles, dissatisfaction and can be very stressful. Our society is getting fast paced and more competitive. This also leads to social , mental and emotional problems. We are stressed and overwhelmed which also gives way to various negative emotions. Some of us fear that we are losing ourselves; feelings, needs and purpose whilst others  are burdened by all sort of emotional pains and aggression. Such as anger,feeling misunderstood, judged, violated and condemned


However, Golden Joy Counselling exists to assist, support and work through life struggles, issues, creates the opportunities for understanding, for changes and for growth. Hence, you are not alone in your struggle or difficult challenges. We work together  by Reflection and discover process thoughts and feelings.

 This helps us to look at the past, present and future with acceptance and hope, space to slow down for self compassion and healing. Release inner strength towards free and happier life.  


I am passionate about support, the therapy process and committed to providing a service that is warm, nurturing, engaging and with lasting positive change.

Do you often feel frustrated, angry, hurt, humuliated, helpless, rejected, lonely, isolated?

Embarking on some negative emotional  journey or coping with existing one?.

 My aim is to help you or refer you to a more suitable helper.

We can EXPLORE realistic options working towards positive changes.  

My MISSION is to Provide emotional support; to Support the emotional struggle and development of others.


Ability to ADDRESS THE ISSUE; by exploring and uncovering complex emotional and social issues.  Such that directly affects; RELATIONSHIPS, WORK, HEALTH, GENERAL PERFORMANCE in life as well as looking at  unhealthy life choices; if requied.  

I am emotionally intelligent, dynamic personality and details oriented.

I am very organised, kind and compassionate.

I am warm, compassionate, sensitive and committed Counsellor.

I work by making sense what is causing problems,

 of your concern/pain.

You are seen and listened to with respect and support.

You are empowered  and supported to discover self knowledge and inner strength.

Assisting and enabling opportunity for growth and change.

Insightful, Identifying issues/needs and creating positive resources; to work through life challenges.

We LOOK AT our options;  to EMPOWER client’ strength and resilience.


You are guided to develop the attitude, strategies and assistance to build your inner strength and reduce your anxiety. Therefore, allowing the process to help the healing of  traumas/struggles.

I value personal relationships and have achieved great result in terms of clients’ satisfaction.

 Also, my services are all confidential.  The FOCUS is to SUPPORT YOU DISCRETELY.

There should be NO fears of being  labelled or being medically diagnosed.

Flexible, Convenient and Affordable High Quality Counsellor.






This is a complete discretion, confidential and valuable service; your chance and SPACE to communicate and be listened to.  As compassionate and empathetic professional; I ensure that the sessions are freeing, empowering, insightful, precise, enlightening with helpful information.  I have the ability to LISTEN, UNDERSTAND AND FEEL strong emotional PAINS/issues whilst still remaining professional. I have been able to support others through life emotional challenges.  I can ASSIST you with any problem; through support and clarity.


I aim to be some assistance using the counselling and other therapeutic processes and resources to help uncover the reality of your inner journey. It is in that process that we can work together towards peaceful resolutions or preventative measures.

We do need a Helping hand sometimes; when struggling with negative emotions/ feelings of desperations and hopelessness. One does not need to suffer alone. We can turn any negative situation around. If you feel alone, depressed, stressed, afraid, confused, abused, hurt or overwhelmed with problems; we can work together to find balance, to help COPE and overcome adversities and replace with positive feeling and outcome.

 We can accomplish what you never thought possible. The potential and the opportunity is there; to understand, to accept,  to appreciate, to forgive, to be strong, to love, to think and feel positive or just to be excited about life.

My contact options are face to face, telephone, online and Skype setting.

I am able to offer flexible appointments and at a reduced rate if you are financially challenged.

01293 407 209/  078 333 73 180





Now, should you feel in need of support in difficult times, struggling with family or personal crisis or suffering from some traumatic events in your life; you will be supported in a safe, compassionate and non judgemental way. My clients are embraced with empathy, humility and complete acceptance.

Golden Joy counselling offers both individual and group counselling to explore and address either internal or external issues that is presenting emotional pain. The process brings about personal or identifying common goals or struggles, awareness and growth. It also works to resolve conflicts and improve relationships.

Golden Joy Counselling present; a caring and genuine, fully qualified integrative Counsellor/Therapist and a life Coach, Mrs Harris-Samson; Proficient and experience of working with adults, couples and families.

I provide support with MENTAL HEALTH issues, trauma and resettlement. I see to both short and long term confidential interventions. The Session is proactive and confidential; issues are safely guided and supported.

We all need a helping hand sometime. You owe it to yourself now to look after your emotional and mental health. Some emotional shock leaves their scars and can be harmful to our health. This is the reason you deserve to be free from your pain, shame, anxieties and other emotional burdens.

You have made such a truly remarkable sacrifice and compromise. I am committed to supporting those facing heartache, trouble, or difficult times, just because you have been through enough and you deserve to be heard and helped.

You may not have been personally or professionally appreciated at your true value but left with a difficult path to follow. We can work on any issues to resolve them. Is it not time to end the circle of victimisation?. There is light at the end of the Tunnel. YOUR THRILLING AND EXCITING FUTURE AWAITS.

I will be available to help you win your battle with an emotional, reliable and confidential counselling service that is both easily accessible and at your convenience. When face to face meeting is not practical, there is always my online service on Skype, email or on the phone.

I am attentive and engaging with chats to explore the emotions/issues in a safe and respectful way; ensuring that the clients are well involved and informed in partnership with me and we work at your space to reach that successful moment when you can feel empowered enough to overcome your adversity and reach out to desired or positive changes.

I have the expertise in counselling, supporting the emotional wellbeing of my clients. My service provision is of safe and professional standard which is in accordance for good practice in counselling and psychotherapy.